2018-09-15 17:29

upcoming solo show in Galerie 9a am Stauffacherplatz, Bern

It is a pleasure to inform you of my upcoming exhibition "on/off" in Galerie 9a am Stauffacherplatz in Bern. I will be showing some of my recent work, oil paintings on canvas in various formats in an old shoemakers cabin in the Breitenrain neighbourhood in Bern. You are welcome to visit on the evening of the vernissage on Thursday, October 11th or on the scheduled dates until October 27th. For details see my post on Facebook HENRY ALTHAUS ART. Vernissage 11.10.18 begining 18:00 / opening hours gallery: Thur, Fri 17:00 until 19:00 / opening hours Sat: 10:00 until14:00./ I will be personally present on the following dates: 13.10., 18.10. and 27.10.18 / address: Stauffacherplatz 9a, 3014 Bern / www.9a-stauffacherplatz.ch

2018-06-04 13:20

Follow me on facebook on my business site Henry Althaus Art

to follow more frequent news and info about my work, check out my facebook page to find features like henry's news (upcoming shows and exhibits), henry's scraps and trophies (materials that might end up in a piece of art), henry's teasers (a first glimpse of a new painting), henry's treasure trove (old treasures of my art, rediscovered) and henry's life (personal bits from my life), henry's sketchbook (sketches) and more... HENRY ALTHAUS ART

2017-11-05 09:44

joint exhibition with Althaus Uhren

Beginning this month of November and until March 2018 I have the opportunity to display a few selected paintings in the display window of Althaus Uhren in down town Basel. Find it in the gallery between Gerberngasse and Rümlinsplatz. A peak through the window is worthwhile also for the stylish handcrafted high-end clocks manufactured by Martin Althaus! Von November 2017 bis Ende März 2018 habe ich die Gelegenheit einzelne Gemälde im Schaufenster von Althaus Uhren im Stadtzentrum von Basel zu präsentieren. Das Fenster findet sich in der Passage zwischen Gerberngasse und Rümelinsplatz. Ein Blick ins Schaufenster lohnt sich auch wegen der stylischen handgearbeiteten High-End-Uhren von Martin Althaus!

2017-10-31 20:26

Ankauf durch Migros Aare Genossenschaft!

I am honoured to announce that the art comission of Migros Aare Genossenschaft /Kulturprozent has in the year 2017 decided to support my work by an official purchase of a series of 4 paintings (der Protz, Katzenjammer, Hinterausgang, the muse's embrace) for their art collection. The paintings are publicly exhibited in the rooms of Migros Klubschule in the Swiss town of Solothurn. Es freut mich, dass sich die Kunstkommission der Migros Aare Genossenschaft / Kulturprozent im Jahr 2017 für einen Kunstankauf meiner Arbeit entschieden hat! So wurde ein Serie von vier Gemälden (der Protz, Katzenjammer, Hinterausgang, the muse's embrace) für die Kunstsammlung erworben, welche in den öffentlich zugänglichen Räumlichkeiten der Migros Klubschule Solothurn ausgestellt werden.

2016-01-05 20:46

new series in preparation

I am currently working on a series of paintings, placing my characteristic figures and elements of the typical Bernese medieval architecture in front of a plane golden background. This has the effect of becoming somewhat more abstract. We'll see where this leads.. Here's a quick blurry view into my atelier, as a teaser.

2016-01-05 20:35

new paintings uploaded

I have finally uploaded four large-scale paintings (90x120cm) finished in 2014. The painting "Schwinger" was exhibited at Cantonale Berne Jura 2014/15. See "gallery", as well as a short news article in the section "expo" under "I am".

2016-01-05 18:28

a painting in Thun

Hotel Schwert in Thun, a wonderful cosy hotel in the old town of Thun offering vintage designed rooms in an medieval townhouse is presenting one of my large-scale paintigs. It's worth spending the night and having a look. Ask the owner for this specific room. Besides, the kitchen offers excellent menues! www.schwert-thun.ch

2014-10-24 11:19

detail of selected painting

Cantonale Berne Jura 2014 / 2015

I am pleased to announce my participation at this year's Cantonale Berne Jura - Weihnachtsausstellung. One of my larger scale painting (90 x 120 cm) was selected to be exhibited at Musée Jurassien des Arts in Moutier (www.musee-moutier.ch) along with other artist's work from the cantons Berne and Jura! See detail on right! Cantonale Berne Jura will start with a vernissage on december 13th 2014, 17:00 and will continue through february 1st 2015. For further details, as well as a list of participants and locations, see www.cantonale.ch