"Limits – nothing to be ashamed of, as long as they are celebrated in authenticity!" HA

What is my motivation or intent behind what I aspire with my work? What drives me? What is my contribution to the world of art?

An intensive search for answers to questions such as these has led to several painful realisations in regard to my philosophy! Instead of finding clarity as to my purpose, it has merely pointed to all those weaknesses my work so far is based upon.

Undoubtedly, this has led to the conclusion that I have only just begun. A step after another. It has, however, also led to an insight more valuable: to discover weakness means to understand one's strength. No need to measure, no need to weigh.

This said, I had to realise that most of why, how and what I create is not necessarily motivation-driven, but rather a result in consequence of my clustered limitations. For example, a lack of education with respect to the history of art, or the acquisition of technical skills of an artist, pure impatience to learn the handicraft of oil painting, as well as a general disrespect for paintbrushes has inevitably left an imprint on my preferred technique. Thus, I paint with fingers, with ready-to-use oil-bars on canvas, rather clumsily a variety of rough figures in distorted surroundings.

Also, my utter inability – after much effort invested – to draw precise and realistic portraits, combined with an urge towards freedom of expression "â tout prix", as well as my disregard of the rules has provided me with the best of excuses: the lack of recognition of the subjects portrayed is a result of abstraction of those figures into caricatures of themselves – and I simply label it my style derived from an influence from comics, so much loved. And maybe this is closer to reality than any other mediocre attempt to capture a personality or a scene. As the bulb of my eye is the camera I use, the field of my view gets distorted onto a concave retina. Physics explains what I see and thus, how I depict a scene! Not much talent in that - just a copy-cat! It does, however, leave a stain of my personality.

The subjects I seek in bars in the neighbourhood of my hometown find their place in my paintings, merely because they are there when I lure – out of pure boredom – where young urban society frequently meets. Coincidence! I see again and again bits and pieces of what I am, once was or could be in the faces lingering at the bar. Familiarity in a strangers' face and deeds!

Mostly, I choose the setting in the same local joint - thus, painting in this familiar surrounding not only lessens the influence from distraction, but also puts me in a position of the independent observer. The itch that chronically remains unaltered then fades to exist: a perfect backdrop for the sketching sheep in a thirsty pack of wolves on Friday night.

This is my understanding of co-creation as I depict the world I see, both merging on the path of evolution – step by step - as all becomes one.

There, no motivation and no plan, just my own limits! I love dwelling in its obsession, though!